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Cloudity announces earnings of €26.4 million for 2022, up close to

Cloudity, a consulting and IT services company and Salesforce and
Workplace from Meta integrator, announces consolidated pro-forma[1]
earnings1 of €26.4 million, up close to 26% compared to 2021[2]. Cloudity
is targeting earnings of €35 million in 2023.

A European Salesforce pure player created in 2022

Cloudity was created in late 2022 with the ambition of becoming one of Europe’s leading Salesforce pure players, with locations in France, Poland, Germany, and Sweden. The new entity has a 350-strong team of Salesforce integration specialists, who previously worked for Hardis Group, as well as for Carrenet and Cloudity, two companies acquired by Hardis Group last year. In 2022, consolidated pro-forma earnings from Salesforce integration activities across these businesses—now combined under the new Cloudity entity—stood at €26.4 million, up close to 26% compared to 2021.

“We now have the scale and capability to take on multi-country deployment
projects of critical importance to our customers’ businesses,” said Karim Ogbi,
Director of Cloudity. “Salesforce is no longer just a CRM system for sales teams:
it’s also a key tool for front-line employees in many companies.”

Targeting €35 million in earnings and 400 employees for 2023

In 2023, Cloudity plans to achieve earnings of €35 million, grow its workforce beyond 400 employees, and exceed 1,000 certifications for Salesforce cloud environments. The Salesforce pure player is also aiming to expand its local support capabilities.

“We have a network of six offices across France—in Paris,
Lyon, Grenoble, Bordeaux, Nantes and Lille,” said Karim Ogbi. “We’re planning to apply
this same model in Germany by opening new locations, in order to bring us closer
to the headquarters of key businesses.”

Expertise across multiple Salesforce environments

Cloudity’s expertise has historically focused on core Salesforce components such as CRM, marketing, sales, after-sales, and data. In 2023, the entity will build its team’s skills in Tableau (analytics) and MuleSoft (data integration and communication between applications in hybrid architectures).

“Our experience in
virtual collaboration, gained through Workplace from Meta, will also leave us well-
placed to support customers who have opted to deploy Slack,” said Karim Ogbi.
[1] Earnings combining revenue from Salesforce and Workplace from Meta integration activities by Hardis Group, as well as by Carrenet SAS and Cloudity Sp.z.o.o., two companies acquired by Hardis Group in 2022, for the whole of 2022. Since end-2022, these activities have been grouped together under the legal entity Cloudity SAS.
[2] Comparison with like-for-like earnings calculated by consolidating 2021 revenue from Salesforce/Workplace from Meta activities by Hardis Group and the two acquired companies.