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Everytime you deploy a Flow to a Salesforce org, a new version is generated. And when you are iterating, you can easily reach the 50 flow-version limit!

For this reason, and others, purging old versions of a flow may be necessary:

Until now, the following solutions were available:

  • Delete manually old flow versions one by one (be brave if you have more than 20 old versions to delete);
  • Execute a SOQL query to export flows and delete them with Salesforce Inspector (works pretty well but can be painful for a non-developer)

But your world is about to change, with the “Mass delete Obsolete flow versions” feature in sfdx-hardis by Cloudity!

Cloudity Open-Source initiative provides a free command allowing to:

  • Select flows to delete
  • Filters on flow status:Draft, Obsolete, Inactive….
  • Delete appropriate flows


Now that you are ready to start, click on the menu ‘Purge obsolete flow versions’:

Connect to the org where you need to work:

Select the flow to purge in the drop-down list (the “All flows” value allows you to purge all of the org’s flows):

Filter by the flow status:

Confirm deletion

Wait for the mass delete to be completed. Depending of the number of flows to delete, it can take a while.

If you need to automate the purge (CI jobs, CRON…) , you can directly use sfdx-hardis command sfdx hardis:org:purge:flow.

And that’s it! Your org is much tidier now thanks to the sfdx-hardis open-source tool. And it only took minutes!

Article written by Dimitri Monge, Technical Manager.